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Mary Claire Arnold is a senior Environmental Science major at Siena. Born and Raised on the South Shore of Long Island where her parents grew up, she is interested in working in marine conservation. Her study will be focused around the phenomenon of Miley Cyrus.

bielkiewiczCJ Bielkiewicz is a psychology major at Siena in his senior year. In the picture to the right, CJ’s first tattoo is pictured, which is a representation of his family crest. His research for class will be focused on the rising popularity of tattoos as represented on television shows.

lizLiz Casper is a Senior Finance Major here at Siena College. She is originally from Yonkers, NY.  In her family, she has one older brother. Her research topic is about the cereal Special K and the ways in which the company organizes its marketing campaign, focusing on psychological manipulation.


Nick Davis is a Senior Accounting Major, who plans to attend Siena next year in their Masters Program to eventually earn my CPA. He is from from Poughkeepsie, New York where he grew up in a German family with three other siblings, one brother and two sisters. He will be focusing on the weight 50 Cent and the roles he plays in society.

426909_10150955940343016_1125864960_nKeith DeGeorge is a senior accounting major from Seaford, Long Island. He enjoys listening to music and playing various sports. He also enjoys reading and learning about human evolution. He is a fan of the podcast called the Joe Rogan Experience, which has received multiple awards. DeGeorge also started practicing the martial art brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His research topic is on the perception of  mixed martial arts and various ethical issues, gender issues and the financial institutions involved in the sport.

donaAshley Dona is a sophomore psychology major at Siena. Her great grandfather immigrated from Germany to Gloversville, NY during the glove trade era in hope of landing a job in that field. Her other grandfather bought horses to race at the Saratoga Harness Track and he was also in the military service during WWII. Her research for the class will focus on the use of photoshop in popular culture.

Amanda Gattwebsite1 is a sophomore psychology major on the softball team at Siena. She has family roots in Greece, England, and Ireland. Her grandparents moved over here in order to find a better job. Both sides of her family are of different religions, making her family choose the religion of her and her brother. Her research will focus on the rise of organic products in our supermarkets, who is buying the organic foods, and why.

Patrick Hall is a senior at Siena College, majoring in Sociology. His research will focus on the question of whether student athletes should be paid for their participation.

IMG_44864827745398Andrew Hewitt is a Senior History Major at Siena College. He grew up and still lives in Cohoes New York where he commutes to school from. A huge enthusiast for music, his research project is on whether or not Pirating music is truly harming the artists, or if its just an excuse for Record Labels to try to make more money and keep bands under contract. It looks at how Pirating effects the economy.

photobrittneyBrittney Jory is currently a senior psychology major. She is an only child from Ilion, New York. Her interests include skiing, Disney, reality tv and spending time with friends/family. For her research topic, she is going to look at Disney and their influence on gender roles, specifically for little girls. She chose this topic because she LOVES Disney, and is interested to look at it from an analytical perspective that she might not otherwise.


Nicholas Luca‘s family has roots in Mechanicville, NY and he was born in Saratoga, to a family with backgrounds that are both Italian and Spanish. He is in his third year at Siena, majoring in finance. His research for class will be focused on the rising role of for profit colleges in the United States.

Lauren Lauren Martello is 21 years old and she lives in Washingtonville, NY. She has two sisters and one brother with whom she is very close. At Siena College, she is a senior psychology major. Her research topic for the course on popular cultures focuses on the phenomena of Bikram Yoga. Is Bikram more like a cult than a yoga business? What is the power of this corporation? How does the company balance the behaviors of the founder along with the yoga mentality? These questions and more will be explored on her research page, House of Bikram.

meganMegan McCormack‘s family history goes back to Ireland, where her relatives moved from and were processed through the Ellis Island immigration point. She is a sophomore studying psychology and minoring in criminal justice. She is a commuter student, based in Cohoes, NY. Her research for class will focus on models, anorexia, and body image.

kerrinKerrin Mulhall, is a senior Psychology major at Siena College. She was born and raised in Stony Brook, NY. She has 3 older brothers and 2 dogs. Her research topic is about how Beyonce is the new face of contemporary feminism.

oconnor Meghan O’Connor is a senior psychology and sociology major. She is also a member of the psychology and Red Cross club. Both of her first parents grew up in central New York state. Her family heritage is both Irish and German. Her research for class will focus on the role of Barbie in American culture.

VaethMark Vaeth is a senior accounting major at Siena College. He is one of four children in his family, in which both his parents came from large families. His mother’s background is Irish Catholic and his father has a German heritage. His research for this course is about the rise of the fast food empire in the United States. In particular, he will be looking at McDonalds and how fast food contributes to the rise of obesity in the United States.

yorkAmanda York is a senior psychology major and captain of the swim team. Her family background is primarily Italian. Her family are practicing Roman Catholics. Historically her grandmother immigrated to Brooklyn, NY, migrated to Maybrook, NY and has resided in the state. Her research for the class will focus on how the NFL protects players when they are involved in crimes such as domestic violence.


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